Review – Get in on the Ground Floor!

A friend of mine recently introduced me to What exactly is Simply put it’s a way to get paid when your friends & neighbors Watch TV!

There is no Product to sell. No customer service to worry about. No shipping and receiving. Just people watching TV. It’s just that simple. Watch TV and make money! Once you register at you are provided with an affiliate link. You simply share that affiliate link and each person counts as an account for you. When the platform launches, any person you signed up under you watches commercials you earn a 10% commission!

What exactly is the platform? Think of Netflix but with original movies and programming. There is no cost to watch but commercials will air during the programming. cuts you into their profits on the commercials. Can you imagine if you were compensated for every commercial you’ve ever watched during your TV viewing lifetime?

1. Join Today and Become a Giant Cinema Spud!
2. Invite Others to Join! – Who doesn’t watch movies and television? And with Aunt Edna’s addiction to reality TV, I’m in business!
3. Get Paid! – Receive 10% commission on all commercial time that runs on the accounts you sign up!

My first though was SCAM but after reaching out to and speaking with Ross and Andrew a bit later I can honestly say that I’ve haven’t been so excited about any opportunity in my life. Just imagine making an extra $1,000 a month simply because you shared a link with family and friends. At this time there is no way to know how much a person can potentially make but an opportunity that costs you nothing and costs those who you get involved nothing is a winner in my opinion. is set to launch soon so don’t delay. Go to, register, share your link and become a spud!

Membership in Giant Cinema is always Free!
Free to join, and Free to watch TV!

7 thoughts on “ Review – Get in on the Ground Floor!

  1. Very cool blog! How many spuds do you have?

  2. As of today I have 1875 spuds. By the second week of December 2013 I will have over 2000 spuds. Keep up the good work and stay faithful

  3. Wanna know when do people stat getting paid? Sounds too good to be true

  4. How is this NOT a pyramid scam? So I sign up, then I get 2 friends to sign up, then they each get 10 people to sign up, etc… And I get 10% of each person under me’s commercial viewing profit, ad infinitum??? What if I sign up 1,000 people and no one actually watches as the content is sparse or really bad?

    I’ve read several “reviews” and am no closer to understanding how this works or why I’d want to sign up. And ALL the reviews share the same verbiage which makes me think this is VERY sketchy…

    • You would only earn the 10% commission on people you directly sign up as in affiliate marketing, not mlm marketing.

      You don’t have to promote it at this time. You can simply wait until it launches if you’re skeptical. If you need more information visit

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